Regenerative Agriculture

a new method of farming


Charles Massy

Broad introduction to RA
Book: Call of the Reed Warbler

Gabe Brown

More technical guide to RA
Book: Dirt to Soil

Helpful YouTube channels:

Josh Sattin
Richard Perkins

Joel Salatin

more to come

Alan Savory

Holistic grazing (how to use animals well)

P.A. Yeomans

Keyline Method
Using the contours of the land

Niels Olsen

SoilKee machine used for planting cover crops

Tony Coote and Peter Andrews

Natural Sequence Farming

Christine Jones

Soil Scientist


Reduced Costs:

Less money spent on fertilisers
Less money spent on pesticides and other chemicals
Less money spent on fuel, less time spent applying chemicals

Increased Yields:

Improvements in soil health have demonstrated increased yields
This replaces diminishing returns seen in traditional agriculture with fertilisers applied

Business Strength in Diversity:

Diversity of livestock and crops improves pest and disease resistance while also strengthening your business in case of market downturn